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The most powerful man in Eternia's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The most powerful man in Eternia

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life [22 Jul 2004|11:38pm]
hey whats going on long time no see lj land

my life has been pretty bland lately
just mostly hanging out around the house and working
i was in a band for a lil bit and i played at the shelter monday but i ended up leaving the band wedsenday
think that was for the best

been really getting into poker lately
really fun game when no money is involved

still have to finish my tattoo


working a shit load of hours now
i hate my general manager
that guy is the definition of duesche bag

i know i spelt that wrong lol

wont get to see dan for a week hes on tour again
eh that sucks but its awesome that hes going somewhere with his music

still gotta finish my movie part for kens masterpiece
oh snap brother!!

ok this was really long update i go to bed now
working all day tommorrow and saturday

pss party at my house sometime next week
most likely byob i think i can buy for u but ya gotta give me the mula

later playas

[03 May 2004|11:55am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I hate my life
I hate school i had to drop one class and im failing one
i hate when my fucking parents go in my room

two reports due wedsenday
whoopie fucken doo

maybe i wont be such a fuck up and actually pass my two remaining classes

he-man just whooped skeletor 2 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

its coming [29 Feb 2004|01:19pm]
2 weeks until my b day all

the big 2 1

i cant wait
he-man just whooped skeletor 2 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

GROW UP [16 Dec 2003|12:42am]

he-man just whooped skeletor 3 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[29 Oct 2003|09:20pm]
my tattoo is the shit

oh shit [21 Oct 2003|12:55pm]

i know we dont see each other much due to our busy schedules but u know u still the man even though u threw sand in my eye when we were lil kids

i have known u for about 15 years and your the shit, i hope u have a awesome birthday man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he-man just whooped skeletor 1 time| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[24 Sep 2003|03:27pm]
RIP peanut

ill never forget you
he-man just whooped skeletor 5 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

OZ [22 Sep 2003|03:36pm]


so far i have the lion and scarecrow
my dorthory is coming thursday and my moneys are on the way

3 more figures

then october the new spawn set

then november
new he man
i love my life
he-man just whooped skeletor 1 time| I HAVE THE POWER!!

id eat u alive [12 Sep 2003|03:56pm]
i know i dont post much in here but i feel like doing this. school is pretty cool now. its a lot easier and im doing a lot better. i might be getting a new job in the free press as the journalists messenger boy aka the bitch boy but for 11 a hour, can i complain?

man o man
sept 23rd will be the shit. i cant wait to hear the new limp bizkit album. for all of u fucks who think they sold out, or they arent the same without wes, my god u are sadly mistaken. i dont get why people hate limp so much. i remember this one time this kid told me about their perfomance of santiurium and how horrible it was. YEA BUDDY IT WAS REALLY HORRIBLE ASSHOLE. what a dumbfuck dude they did that song awesome. i have always liked limp and john otto has to be one of the best drummers on the scene hands down. i just cant fucken wait for this album.

well i gotta work tonight. that should be fun then im gonna hang out with jon and dan. see ya fools later
he-man just whooped skeletor 2 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[01 Sep 2003|12:25pm]
happy birthday jessi!!!
he-man just whooped skeletor 2 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[28 Aug 2003|11:47pm]
mrs spears

i love u

marry me

and kiss me like u kiss madonna

good night all
he-man just whooped skeletor 1 time| I HAVE THE POWER!!

aw shit [26 Jul 2003|08:18am]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past year has been quite a ride with you and im glad to say that you are my best friend. You are my lil brother and i love you more then i love my left eye. today will be the shit. thanks for everything man and just think!!! two more years til the big 2 1!!! happy birthday dude!!!your the best

ps mcud emailed me last night and wanted to tell u happy birthday
he-man just whooped skeletor 3 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[08 Jul 2003|12:17pm]
this fight is between me and chris duprey
u people who are friends of him
u guys really need to learn how to mind your own bees wax
i dont care who you are, whether your his best friends of his girl friend
dont comment in there saying how "childish i am" or how i got mean

who gives a fuck?
if i dont like ya, im gonna be mean to ya and im gonna see to it that your life is not happy

just shut the fuck up and keep your nose where it belongs
he-man just whooped skeletor 4 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[23 Jun 2003|03:23am]
i hate couches

i was wrong about the hulk
it turned out to be really good
he-man just whooped skeletor 5 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

fuck yea [21 Jun 2003|02:17am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey u know what assholes

im going to see metallica
july 4th
me and jon

i can fucken wait
im so happy
this means so much to me to see metallica
hell yes


and that my friends, is the day in the life of the amazing spiderman [20 Jun 2003|01:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

whats up lj world. not much over here. yesterday was alright. i had more stress put onto me more but thats nothing to worry about. im going back to lonestar, they got all new management and they are gonna start me at 7$ a hour plus i will at least be getting 20 hours a week.

halo was the shit last night. me and tom woodward are gonna go see the hulk sunday. that will be sweet.

im going to lonestar in a lil bit then recession practice at 4. then i have to work at 6. i dont know what im doing after that. someone give me a call on the cell if ya want

he-man just whooped skeletor 1 time| I HAVE THE POWER!!

i have to step up to the plate here [18 Jun 2003|01:12pm]
[ mood | determined ]

this isnt even funny anymore
im everyones halo bitch and today it stops
from now everyone will see my tru halo skills
u come in front of me im gonna shoot your ass
if your on my team and u dont move when i say move ill shoot your feet so it will make your ass move

this is beyond a game
this is life
this is war
this is halo

he-man just whooped skeletor 6 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

your my boy blue!!!! [17 Jun 2003|01:15pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

what up?? yesterdsay was alright. i woke up and went to the eye doctor and he talod me ther was no need for me to go get a new eyeball. that bummed me out then my dad took me to burger king. then we went home.

shannon helped me make my journal then dan came over. we just went around places. i saw castle greyskull yesterday!!!! its fucken sweet. then we went to heritage. talked to jon and sean for a bit. then we chilled at my house then dan left. i wnet and watched old school. will ferral is the man. so are naked chics.

around 12 me jon and steve hung out. we went to meijers. the hulk is fucken gay. its going to be the gayest movie in the world. then we went to taco bell. i didnt get anything cause i wasnt hungry.

im about to shower then hang out with jon and ken. see ya later fools

he-man just whooped skeletor 1 time| I HAVE THE POWER!!

im gonna try my hand at this too [16 Jun 2003|08:22pm]
1. We have known each since like we played in the sandboxes together. Your mom makes good waffles too.

2.Your my partner in the bad joke connection. No matter what jon says, the bad joke connection rules and so do our jokes. OH NO YOU DIDNT!!!

3. Your the captain of the gay police and my best friend. There was a time when i wanted to shove you in a locker at school but im glad i didnt now. you are the shit and you watch he man with me which rules.

4. im the 6th member of your family dude. we fucken own in ghost recon. i look up to you a lot because you have been through some rough times.

5. your my other best friend. you always rip on me and its really funny. your a great musicain and your band rules and now your starting this band with me. im happy about that.

6. you look like a monkey. your a good kid and you have a lot of creative ideas when it comes to music.

7. we dont hang out a lot anymore but when i do see you its really really cool. your really funny when u convince thsat i only won beacause of this or that. u are the best kid to play games with.

8. hes a lot happier now that you two are together. i respect you a lot. and yes that was hilarious when i scared on the way home form factory 81.


10. you are really freaking hott. you should marry me.

11. your one of the best people in the world. your cool to talk to and u are the shit for helping me make my he man journal.

12. you are my hero. you never lose agaisnt skeletor and u are the shit.

13. even though jon and dan call u gayno its not true. your still my boy and u can whoop anyone in a fight. cept for he man.

14. your every one eyed kids hero. you are in my favorite movie.

so a couple of those poeple dont have live journals and and couple of those arent even real but hey!!!
he-man just whooped skeletor 14 times| I HAVE THE POWER!!

[16 Jun 2003|04:42pm]
my new he man journal is the shit
comment and tell if u like it


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